New showcase from La Galerie de la Passerelle

New showcase from La Galerie de la Passerelle

An invitation to discover


L’odyssée des couleurs, in collaboration winch les Galeries d’art Beauchamp


Quebec, May 22, 2024 – This week marks the opening of the new showcase L’odyssée des couleurs, free of charge and accessible all summer, from the La Galerie de la Passerelle at Le Capitole Hôtel. Thanks to a continuing collaboration with the prestigious Galeries d’art Beauchamp, the works of well-known artists from Quebec and Ontario will be featured in Le Capitole’s impressive seventh-floor glass walkway, between the complex’s old and new sections.


Le Capitole Hôtel X les Galeries d’art Beauchamp

Following the success of the first showcase in April 2023, La Galerie de la Passerelle has quickly become a must-see stop for both tourists strolling Quebec’s historic streets, and its residents, where they can discover new artistic works and meet others with similar interests. Recognized as a cultural hub, Le Capitole takes advantage of its bright, modern spaces to feature both visual and performing arts talents. Stemming from a collaboration with Galeries d’art Beauchamp, La Galerie de la Passerelle offers a unique panorama in the heart of the city.


L’odyssée des couleurs: a symphony for the eyes

The new showcase, L’odyssée des couleurs, promises to transport visitors to a world where colour reigns and creativity unfolds in all its splendour by featuring the works of such well-known artists as: Linda Bucci, Cynthia Coulombe Bégin, Danaé Couture, Marie-Lysa Lemelin, Gerda Marschall, Patrick Pépin, André Pleau and Mélanie Simard. Through a selection of works in various artistic techniques, such as oil paint, and acrylic paint on wood, this astonishing series of bold colours results in the most harmonious of compositions.


About La Passerelle at Le Capitole Hôtel

Located on Le Capitole’s roof, La Passerelle joins the historic building to the hotel complex behind it. Running alongside the fortifications and offering a breathtaking view of Old Quebec, this space offers a unique vantage point at any time, day or night. The exhibition L’odyssée des couleurs from La Galerie de la Passerelle is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for those who haven’t yet had the chance to admire Le Capitole’s renovations or to rediscover this constantly evolving architectural jewel.

Since its reopening in January 2019, Le Capitole Hôtel has been hosting guests who wish to experience the warm welcome of Quebec City, its cultural life and events, and its world-renowned history.