Chef de partie (Station Cook) – Bō cuisine d’Asie

Bō cuisine d’Asie , Kitchen

As chef de partie (station cook), you will be responsible for managing the team, following up closely and enforcing hygiene and cleanliness standards, all while being part of the intoxicating experience that BÕ Cuisine d’Asie offers!

Primary duties

  • Develop the ability to delegate fairly and equitably at your station. 
  • Work at various stations in the kitchen (pasta, pizza, grill, sauce, pantry) and do set up,
  • Participate actively in creating a work structure while respecting the directives of the Chef or sous-chef.
  • Serve as a resource to initiate smooth transitions between shifts, at your station, every day of the week. 
  • Always work closely with the other station chefs to maintain clear communication channels. 
  • Understand, apply and enforce CNESST hygiene and cleanliness standards. 
  • Implement good material and workplace management practices.  
  • Efficiently manage the team in regards to the work to be done, and manage personnel schedules as needed. 
  • Enforce standards and regulations.
  • Do service and set-up. 
  • Ensure that all cooks that report to you can deliver impeccable service smoothly. 
  • Train and follow-up with all new hires at your station. 
  • Ensure that all cooks respect hygiene standards (identify and date everything, constantly rotate stock, etc.). 
  • Always participate in maintaining the impeccable cleanliness of all work surfaces.  
  • Participate in doing inventory. 
  • Organize your workstation and that of the commis chef. 
  • Participate in developing the tables d’hôte menus.
  • Work in co collaboration with the chef and sous-chef.
  • Any other related tasks.



  • Act as an authority figure at your station, show by example and always remain objective.  
  • Totally master your position, both dish preparation and ensuring cleanliness.  
  • Clearly communicate information, tasks and anything new. 
  • Respect the structure in place.
  • Versatility
  • Autonomy
  • Efficient time management 
  • Hold a MAPAQ food handler certificate.

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