Bartender – Bō cuisine d’Asie

Bō cuisine d’Asie , Restaurant Management

Be part of the bustling atmosphere and offer a unique, immersive experience! As Bartender, you ensure excellent service and surprise guests with your original creations.

Primary duties :

Before service  :

  • Check soap for the glass machine (nos. 1, 2 and 3).
  • Check set up (fruit, juices, soft drinks and water). 
  • Remove plugs in the speedrack.
  • Set places at the bar. 
  • Check coffee bean levels in grinders. 
  • Bring up ice.
  • Remove draft beer plugs and put them in a safe place. 
  • Complete the requisitions for the beginning and end of the evening. 
  • Ensure service goes smoothly under the supervision of the Maître d’hôtel.
  • Participate in monthly inventory taking. 
  • Maintain your work area according to the house requirements, by following the list created for this. 
  • Ensure regular product rotation (fridges and wines by the glass).  

During service :

  • Ensure a pleasant experience for customers.

After service :

  • Clean bar tools and put them back in their place. 
  • Clean coffee machine (with product: Wednesdays and Sundays).
  • Clean sinks.
  • Clean glass machine.
  • Clean fridge doors and bar shelves. 
  • Clean draft beer tank. 
  • Wipe down bar using a cleaning product.  
  • Put plugs back on spouts. 
  • Wrap and store fruit (throw away those that no longer look good).
  • Put draft beer plugs back on.
  • Empty ice machine and put ice in sink to melt.  
  • Cover each water drain with an upside-down glass.  
  • Empty garbage cans and make sure that there are space bags inside.  
  • Any other related tasks.

Requirements :

  • Languages: French and English
  • Knowledge of mixology 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills



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